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      • Baichuan Win ISPO Textrends Top 10


      Are fabrics made out of recycled plastic bottles eco-friendly ?

      Wouldn’t it be great if plastic was biodegradable? It is so versatile, lightweight and is used in almost all aspects of daily life. Since it’s not biodegradable, recycling plastic into fabric is one approach to repurpose this flexible material.

      Plastic pollution

      We have researched the pros and cons of recycled fabric made from plastic bottles, and below are the things we discovered:
      Big design and colour variety
      Light weight
      Plastic bottles are shred to pieces and molten to spin the
      yarn => requires little energy, hardly any water. As opposed to e.g. cotton, which requires intense watering and fertilizers
      1kg of plastic yarn = 8 plastic bottles, that do not find its way to the sea or landfill

      From Rpet To Textiles_副本

      Once natural and synthetic fibres have been mixed, they cannot be recycled again, unless made from 100% PET
      Over time, does not hold shape as well as wool
      Synthetic fibres are not biodegradable
      With every washing cycle micro fibres can potentially be released and find its way to rivers and seas.

      ——By Doris Chen?


      Post time: Aug-25-2022