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      • Baichuan Win ISPO Textrends Top 10


      Baichuan’s Fabrics Selected by Performance Days Jury for “Carbon Neutrality” Shortlist

      The textile industry contributes an estimated 10% to global carbon emissions. As climate change emerges as this century’s defining issue, our industry is striving to lower our carbon footprint. At Baichuan, sustainability and carbon reduction have been central to our work in recycled and dope dyed polyester textiles. We are honored to have our efforts recognized by an expert panel, who selected our fabrics for the latest Performance Days PERFORMANCE FORUM, under the category “Journey to Carbon Neutrality”.

      Selection Criteria of the Loop Forum

      The aim of the “Journey to Carbon Neutrality” selection is to encourage carbon footprint to be analyzed and lowered in the entire textile supply chain, from raw materials to fibers to finished product. Selected fabrics span four basic categories:

      1. Variants of synthetic fibers made from recycled polyester, polypropylene, polyamide, or from bio-based polymers.
      2. Natural fibers including Naia spun fiber, Tencel?, hemp, and recycled natural fibers.
      3. Fibers that are not reliant on conventional energy-intensive dyeing but are given color through nature-derived colorants or cleaner processes such as dope dyeing.
      4. A combination of the above features

      Baichuan’s fabrics fall into the 4th category, combining recycled polyester raw material with the energy and water savings of dope dyeing.

      The Selected Baichuan Fabrics: COSMOS? Dope Dyed rPET Wovens

      Baichuan’s COSMOS? fabrics are woven using dope dyed yarn spun from recycled post-consumer PET bottles, generating 58% lower carbon footprint and 87% lower water usage compared to virgin piece-dyed polyester. Our 1000+ color yarn database allows us to overcome usual process challenges around dope dye technology – we are proud to offer low MOQ’s, custom development, and precise color matching.

      Carbon Print & Water Usage

      The two winners are:

      300D Dope Dyed rPET Hi-Vis Polyester Fabric

      300D Dope Dyed rPET Hi-Vis Polyester Fabric

      300D Dope Dyed rPET Ripstop Polyester Fabric

      300D Dope Dyed rPET Ripstop Polyester Fabric

      For more information, contact us or stop by Booth #819 at the Functional Fabric Fair in Portland on October 26-27.

      Post time: Oct-18-2022