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      • Baichuan Win ISPO Textrends Top 10


      Congratulations to the employees who won the championship in the 9th Baichuan Textile Workshop Job Skills Competition


      In the just concluded November, a job skills competition was held in Baichuan Textile Workshop, and the excellent operators of each department won the champion of the corresponding job skills.

      2022 Baichuan Workshop Post Ability Competition

      As our general manager said: I am very happy to see you all playing a positive role in the competition, and I am proud of you! The skill contest is not only for the purpose of achieving success, but also to provide a positive display platform for everyone. I hope that every employee of the Baichuan family can continue to carry forward the spirit of skill competition and further improve efficiency, quality and skills in all aspects.

      To provide our customers with more high-quality recycled fabrics, recycled yarn and recycled zippers and other products.

      Post time: Nov-24-2022