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      Find Another Source To Buy From Recycled Yarns And Sustainable Fabric

      A series of lockdown measures have been imposed in several cities in our country since Mid-March, because Covid-19 make a come back. These lockdown measures directly led to logistical disruptions and reduced end-user demand. Many downstream producers have had to reduce production due to insufficient supply of raw materials and difficulties in the delivery of finished products due to supply chain disruptions. The textile industry is a typical example.


      In China, most of the textile production and processing plants are located in ZheJiang and JiangSu provinces, which are adjacent to Shanghai. Shang Hai is currently the new center of the outbreak. Therefore, with the reduction of production by textile companies, the entire industrial chain has been weakened and inventories have increased. The disadvantage of a single channel is that it easily leads to the restriction of information flow, logistics and capital flow, which hinders the function of the channel.


      In this case, it will be a very good thing If we could find another source to buy from. China is a large import market for exporting various raw materials and accessories for the textile and apparel industry, so it is easy to find the textile manufacturers which are located in different provinces.

      Fujian Baichuan Resources Recycling Science & Technology Co., Ltd, which dedicate to manufacture of recycled yarns and sustainable fabric about 20 years.
      Production capacity : 50,000 tons of recycled yarn
      200 million meters of recycled zippers
      40 million meters of fabrics.
      It invested 168 million to form the recycled dope dyeing colored yarn supermarket. It will solves the market demand of small batch, quick response. Our products reach the standards of EU ROHS, EN71, REACH , and also have passed OEKO-TexStandard100, GRS, ISO9001, ISO14001 certification.

      baichuan factory

      It is difficult to change suppliers in a short time, but backup supplier must have.

      Post time: May-09-2022