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      Greener Polyester to Keep 1.5℃ Alive: Reflections on the COP26 Climate Conference


      In November, COP26 concluded with nearly 200 countries agreeing to the Glasgow Climate Pact, which re-emphasized the ambitious target of limiting global warming to 1.5℃. To achieve this goal, the global community needs to accelerate the phase-out of coal, curtail deforestation, enable the switch to electric vehicles, encourage investment in renewables, and protect natural habitats. As a leading green textile manufacturer, Baichuan is enabling companies and brands around the world to rethink their business around the threat of climate change.

      百川科技總部辦公大樓 (1)_副本

      Since our start in 2004, Baichuan has been dedicated to recycling waste PET bottles into polyester yarns and fabrics. Additionally, our dope dyeing (also called solution dyeing) process also allows us to drastically lower the environmental impact of colored fabrics. Dope dyeing adds a pigment masterbatch into the melted PET bottle flake, coloring the yarn directly and eliminating need for water-intensive batch dyeing. This lowers our COSMOS??fabric’s carbon footprint by 58% and its water footprint by 87% compared to conventionally dyed fabric.

      So far, we have made the following achievements for the environment:

      1. More than 650 billion PET bottles were recycled.

      2. A decrease of more than 40 billion M 3 greenhouse emissions.

      3. The exploitation of more than 1 million tons of oil has been reduced.

      4. Saved 1.7 billion tons of water.

      These savings continue to grow every day, helping our customers fulfill their commitment to climate change mitigation.

      Baichuan is driving the next generation of sustainable polyester textiles through technological and process innovation. We seek to join forces with companies and consumers in devoting attention to environmental issues, sustainable solutions, and the monumental task of protecting our shared planet.

      Post time: Dec-02-2021