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      • Baichuan Win ISPO Textrends Top 10


      Recycled Polyester Challenge

      The 2025 Recycled Polyester Challenge serves as an important catalyst for change in the apparel and textile industry. We are challenging the apparel industry to commit to bringing the percentage of recycled polyester up from 14% to 45% at 17.1 million metric tons by 2025. The Challenge will continue the successful acceleration that began with Textile Exchange’s 2017 Recycled Polyester Commitment.?

      Polyester (PET) is the most widely used fiber in the apparel industry, accounting for around 52% of the total volume of fibers produced globally. The apparel industry accounts for around 32 million tons of the 57 million tons of polyester used each year. Currently, only approximately 14% of this comes from recycled inputs – predominantly from post-consumer PET bottles (Textile Exchange Preferred Fiber & Materials Market Report 2020).


      Recycled polyester has a significantly lower carbon footprint than conventional. Each kg of mechanically recycled polyester represents a reduction in GHG emissions by more than 70% as compared to virgin polyester. To stay within the 1.5-degree pathway as recommended by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we need to bring the share of mechanically recycled (or equivalent) fiber/filament within the polyester market from 14% to 90% by 2030. By 2025 rPET needs to comprise at least 45% of fashion’s polyester market – this is equivalent to roughly 17.1 million metric tons (assuming a 3% growth rate of the apparel industry).?

      COSMOS Dope Dyed Fabric

      Baichuan is specializing in producing recycled polyester fabric such as oxford fabric, linging from 2004. And our recycled pongee fabric is wide used for garment. As the characteristics of pongee fabrics are light silk, and the fabrics have a good glitter effect. It also has certain strength and elasticity, does not shrink, is easy to clean, and feels good.

      Post time: May-31-2022