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      The Importance Of Recycled Resource Technology And Methods Of Regeneration

      Today, it’s practical to use recycled materials, but in fact, no other field has such advanced recycling technology as the manufacture of chemical fibers.Compared to using new plastics, recycled materials can greatly reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.Not only that, valuable raw materials such as crude oil would be preserved and landfill waste would be reduced.

      Our efforts on environment protection
      Professional disposal of waste products is a key prerequisite for high-end recycled yarn manufacturing.It allows recycled materials to replace entirely new materials with very little change in the way they are handled.To this end, there are two distinct treatment methods,namely chemical regeneration and mechanical regeneration.In terms of chemical regeneration, waste bottles are reduced to their original monomer structure through hydrolysis or methanol decomposition.These monomer structures are then polymerized to make new plastic particles.To this end, the quality of the recycled product is very close to the quality of the brand new material and can spin high-end yarn.Chemical processes require more energy than mechanical regeneration.Together with the higher capital investment, this method is only suitable for large-scale production, as the condition for achieving cost-effectiveness is to produce more than 50,000 tons per year.Therefore, mechanical regeneration is the main regeneration method at present.Here, plastic waste is melted down without any chemical breakdown.The molten liquid can be processed directly into the final product or made into sliced particles first.There is currently a popular system for internally produced waste to be recycled in slicing form.Existing recycling systems on the market are capable of handling different forms of waste, including hard starter waste blocks.To do this, the waste is chopped up, melted down and re-formed into particles.After this treatment,the original waste can be re-entered into the production cycle.

      Recycled Plastic Bottles
      At BAICHUAN,we are using mechanical regeneration.Our main production machine can deal with sorting、crushing and cleaning、chipping、 Spinning.Our machine can reach production capacity of recycling 100 thousand tons bottles, spinning 500 thousand tons of polyester yarn.
      The savings that can be made from recycled products made from low- cost raw materials, often completely exhausted by complex collection and preparation processes.However, recycling can still yield good returns, as more and more customers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

      Post time: Jun-08-2022