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      What Is The Process Called Twisting – One Process Used In Textile

      Twist is usually expressed as the number of turns per unit length of yarn, for example, turns per inch or turns per meter. Twisting is simply the process of combining together multiple fibres, threads or yarns together in a continuous strand, accomplished in spinning or playing operations. The direction of the twist may be to the right, described as Z twist, or to the left, described as S twist.


      A single yarn is formed by twisting fibers or filaments in one direction. A plied yarn is formed by twisting two or more single yarns, usually by combining a single yarn twisted in one direction with a plied yarn twisted in the opposite direction.

      Twist Principle:
      One end will be fixed and another end will be turned, this is the twist principle.


      The Purpose and requirements of twisting
      Twisting is the necessary means to make the fiber strip into a yarn. Before twisting, the loose fibers are usually coalesced into a fiber strip, and after twisting, the outer fibers of the fiber are squeezed to the inner layer to produce centripetal pressure, so that the strip gets frictional force along the length of the fiber.
      Through twisting, the fibers are bound together and create a stronger yarn, They will have the best properties of yarn such as strength, elongation, elasticity, flexibility, luster and handfeel.
      Twist has an effect on the volume, weight and diameter of the yarn, and the effect of twist increases the tightness of the yarn.Yarns with high twist may provide stiff and relatively stiff yarns, while yarns with low twist may provide weaker yarns with more flexible. Fine yarns have more twist than coarse yarns, while warp yarns have more twist than weft yarns.


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